Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What beer do I get with the BEER KEG?

You can fill the BEER KEG with the beer of your choice from you local club or microbrewery or you can fill the BEER KEG from bottles.

Q: Will a pub or microbrewery fill the KEGWERKS BEER KEG?

Yes, most microbreweries will fill our BEER KEG, however they may charge based on the number of glasses or pitchers you will need to order to fill up the BEER KEG! We still recommend checking with your local brewery to be sure!

Q: What is the BEER KEG made out of?

It is constructed with food grade 304 stainless steel. 

Q: Is it easy to clean?

Rinse it out multiple times with warm water and you are done. 

Q: How do I fill the BEER KEG from bottles?

  • Chill the BEER KEG in the freezer for a few minutes first (take the lid off the BEER KEG as the insulation will keep it room temperature all day in the freezer). Having the keg cold stops the beer losing carbonation and foaming up as you fill it.
  • Inject the BEER KEG with CO2 for a couple of seconds using the regulator (this pushes out any oxygen and will keep your beer fresh for much longer).
  • Tilt the BEER KEG and pour the beer with as little disturbance as possible down the inside wall.
  • Once filled screw the lid on and while holding up the CO2 release valve (on steel taps) or leaving the cap slightly unscrewed (on the party tap) inject more CO2 to clear out any remaining oxygen.
  • Pressurise to about 10 psi if storing the drink.
  • Pressurise to about 3-5psi if drinking immediately using the party or stainless steel taps. 

Q: How do I fill the BEER KEG at a pub, brewery or club?

This is awesome for bringing home that delicious beer you just tasted at your local brewery. There are hundreds of new venues providing this service opening every month so keep your eyes out! The facilities at each venue are different, some will clean and sanitise your BEER KEG for you, some have CO2 taps to flush your BEER KEG first, some have direct connections to their beer kegs for no-fuss filling. However for best practise:

  • Make sure your BEER KEG is clean before you arrive.
  • Have your BEER KEG chilled or ask them to chill it for a few minutes first.
  • Flush the chilled BEER KEG with CO2 or ask them to if they are able. If they have the facilities ask them to fill through the ball lock spear using a BEER KEG to BEER KEG transfer or direct connection to a tap, if they can do this you are set. No more steps for you!
  • If they don't do that then they will most likely fill through the open mouth of the BEER KEG with a hose on the tap to prevent splashing / foaming and fill inside the "cushion" of CO2.
  • Once filled screw the lid back on and flush with CO2 again for a second or two.
  • Store at 10-12psi, you can remove the regulator once pressurised. Drink at 3-5psi.

Q:How much gas does it take to carbonate and dispense a BEER KEG?

One 16g CO2 cartridge should dispense approx 6L of carbonated drink In terms of carbonation there are a lot of variations between styles of beer and personal preference however 1 x 16g bulb should be enough to carbonate a 4L BEER KEG

Q: What type of CO2 cartridge should I use?

Food grade 16g threaded CO2 cartridges. Although sporting good CO2's will fit they may contain lubricants and or heavy metals that you wouldn't want getting in your beverage. 

Q: How to stop the tap from dripping?

Unscrew and remove the tap, make sure threads are properly cleaned/aligned and screw back on tightly.

Q: I am getting too much foam when I pour , what do I do?

Excess foam is usually the result of too much pressure inside of the beer keg. If your gauge reads more than 5-8 PSI, you need to reset the regulator and start again. Start by turning the regulator knob all the way to the counter clockwise (off) position and then pull on the pressure relief valve to remove all pressure from the beer keg. Reset the pressure inside the beer keg to 5-8 PSI by turning the set knob clockwise slowly and try another pour.

Q: The CO2 is leaking, what do I do?

CO2 cartridge should be installed properly and tightened. Be sure threads are aligned correctly. Observe the position of the leak and continue with the tightening process.

Q: My BEER KEG is not pressurizing?

If your BEER KEG will not pressurize, you may have over tightened the regulator on to the brass fitting. Separate the regulator from the brass fitting and inspect to make sure o-ring is in place. 

Q: Does KEGWERKS have a warranty?

Yes, we stand behind our product. Our warranty covers manufacturer defects in either workmanship or materials for 2 years from the time of purchase!